– We, ‘have found the service provided to be professional and thorough in all aspects of the project’

– ‘we were very happy with the services Windiate Architects provided and would happily engage their services again in the future’

– ‘we worked well with Gary Windiate, who was both professional and diligent in his approach’

– ‘We first met Gary in November 2009 to talk through our needs in renovating our very tired and small 3 bedroom terrace in Hawthorn. We had a very small site to work with and have a lot that we functionally require from it. For us, every inch is important. We also wanted our home to have some style and elegance that we did not believe that we would achieve through simply engaging a drafts person. We were also very conscious of our budget and ensuring that no dollar was wasted. Through the process of renovating our home I have gained an enormous amount of respect for Gary both personally and professionally.

Gary is extremely creative and brought with him the ability to cleverly design our tiny site into a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, plus study whilst maintaining a feel of space, continuity and proportion. It is a wonderful house to live in and my family are proud to call it ours.

Gary has fantastic interpersonal skills. He listened to our needs very attentively, he has worked very well as our spokesperson to the myriad of people that are involved in the renovation process and has also been a calm voice of reason when stressful situations arose during the build.

In addition to these things, we felt that Gary really cared about our home and family. He helped us choose the colour scheme. He took me to the lighting, bathroom and tile galleries to sort through what would be best in our home. At the end of the project it is also clear that he is proud of the work he has done, which is important.

I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone and I thank them for the fantastic effort that has been done to change a drab, rundown house into a stunning and inviting home.’

– ‘Gary Windiate was involved from the very start, designing the renovation of our single front home, preparing all the tender documentation, reviewing builders and then managing the building process to completion.

Other things that he did during the process was to work with council, provide great advice on interior fittings and where to get them and generally be a great sounding board on any matters that cropped up during the renovation, no matter how small or large.

10/10 for a great design, service, commitment and dedication to our renovation.’

– ‘From tender period to completion Gary and his team were very attentive and incredibly responsive when it came to providing detailed drawings and information to support the project. All RFI’s were quickly resolved which allowed the project to drive forward without delay. Gary’s knowledge and willingness to problem solve with BD Projects resulted in a beautifully constructed home that finished on time. We would highly recommend Windiate Architects for not only providing well thought out architectural homes but for the overall experience he provides’.    JD