Feasibility studies

It is often necessary to carry out a feasibility study for a project before the full scope of works is ascertained or entered upon. This will aid the client to confirm the scope and the type of development or project that is undertaken.

Concept Design Studies

As an initial start to a project we can be engaged to measure up the existing house / spaces, arrange for a land survey to be carried out (as a separate fee) and have 2 design review meetings on site with our clients.

This will produce existing conditions drawings and concept plans and elevations to better understand the project possibilities, if budgets and project scope are unknown.

This can be carried out for a fixed fee, and then lead into the larger project work as noted under full ‘architectural services’.

This fixed fee is then deducted from the overall fee for the project as the project moves forward.

This staged approach can often assist in helping to define and refine the scope of works and budget for the project.