Windiate Architects provide a complete suite of architectural and interior design services, from design concepts and development, to regulatory approvals, construction contracts, site inspections and reviews. Only by offering a comprehensive end-to-end service can we ensure that our clients maintain total peace of mind, while building the house or business premises of their dreams.

Our experience in overseeing all stages of the design and construction cycle, and close relations with Victoria’s leading surveyors and structural engineers, enable us to offer a seamless service – from the first sketch to the final fixture. A full list of our architectural, design, landscaping and town planning services is available here.

All our services are personally overseen by Gary Windiate, to ensure the highest levels of commitment to each project, no matter how small. Gary’s dedication to delivering the perfect result extends to supervision and reporting at every stage of the project cycle – even for clients who are interstate or overseas.

Our core commitment is to optimise the use of your space, your priorities, and your budget. Our long-standing partnerships with trusted building suppliers and energy consultants enable us to deliver the most efficient custom-built solutions, including practical green technologies and affordable water and energy saving systems.