South Melbourne House 3


To transform a tired single storey terrace house into a 2 level family home with more functional spaces to meet the growing family, maintaining outside spaces on both levels and a more open plan living area at the rear.

Design Constraints:

The long and narrow site had limited rear access and was bounded by buildings either side. The existing south neighbour is a two storey house with an established first floor middle terrace and the north boundary consisted of a single storey house. Overlooking was a big consideration as well as trying fitting the brief onto this tight and small site

Design Resolution:

Careful planning and simple forms were used to create the new family home consisting of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs with a new central deck to take advantage of the city views. The use of metal cladding and timber cladding was a consider response to maintain simple clean lines as well as connection to the surrounding established (yet very old) heritage homes. Our services consisted of design and documentation for town planning and building permits. The client dealt direct with the builder for the construction works.

Site Area: 152 sqm

Floor Area (excl. decks/terraces): Footprint 100sqm / overall floor area 165sqm

Design, Documentation: 18 months

Construction: 6 Months. The building was designed and documented by Windiate Architects and handed over to the owner to build.