Hawthorn House 1


Extend a small 2 bedroom home, with a small second bedroom, kitchen and living areas.

Design Constraints:

The site was small yet backed onto a large open park. There was a shared driveway, with access from both the front nada the rear.

Design Resolution:

After exploring options of double and single storey extensions, a singled storey was adopted with a well-crafted simple rear extension to this period home in Hawthorn. The open plan living areas create a welcome space at the rear of the house overlooking the park and external deck, opening up the once small kitchen and creating a generous living areas and a large 3 bedroom with robes for a growing family.

Site Area: 318.5 sqm

Floor Area (excl. decks/terraces): 141 sqm

Design, Documentation: 13 months

Construction: 6 months