Nagambie House 1


Design a new double storey family home which would take full advantage of views to the lake beyond their backyard fence as well as cater to their entertaining lifestyle.

Design Constraints:

The house was to be designed on a sloping site and would need to follow developer design guidelines.

Design Resolution:

The ground floor was spread over two levels with the main living and dining spaces towards the rear and orientated towards the lake. The first floor cantilevers out to provide a generous private balcony whilst provide sun shading to the ground floor’s large windows, eliminating the needs for curtains. The house has been designed to be highly insulated with solar panels, double glazed windows and large water tanks. The building form reads as a series of stacked boxes with varying materials.

Site Area: 572m2

Floor Area (excl. decks/terraces): Footprint 175sqm / overall floor area 398 sqm

Design, Documentation: 12 Months. The building was designed and documented by Windiate Architects and handed over to the owner to build.

Construction: 11 months