Caulfield House 2


We were asked to design an extension to incorporate a new ensuite, new bedroom, bathroom, laundry and a larger kitchen / living area that engaged better with the back yard

Design Constraints:

the site was  triangular wedge shape with neighbors very close to the boundaries, as well as being on a corner. the council required on site parking to the single storey house as well as maintaining a front building set back that was acceptable to the location.


Design Resolution:

the design provides a series of spaces that wrap around the side and the back of the retained portion of the house, encased by a core-ten wall that zig zigs as a boundary wall as well as varying in height. the new kitchen and living area connect to the backyard via a deck and built in seating area.

Site Area: 470 sqm

Floor Area (excl. decks/terraces): 180 sqm

Design, Documentation: 8 months

Construction: 6 months