Our Focus

Today’s space-conscious urban environments call for smart, precise and perceptive architectural solutions. When you enter a relationship with Windiate Architects, you not only gain the professional expertise of one of Australia’s most approachable architects; you embark upon a long-term partnership that guarantees you the highest levels of commitment and care.

We specialise in customised residential projects that require a little more empathy and understanding. A tight urban space that calls for bright sunlight to illuminate its finer features. Elegant modern materials and reinvigorated historical character. Warm timber, cool steel, clean lines – the delicate balance of an inviting and perpetually enriching home.

Windiate Architects are renowned for listening to our clients, for appreciating your aesthetic and lifestyle needs. We keep a close eye on budgets, materials and energy usage, so you can rest assured that you are making the right choices. Our multi-disciplinary team has experience in every facet of modern architecture, from site planning and modelling, to town planning permits, sustainability, landscaping, heritage protection, and integrated urban development.